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Dydd 5 - Cerddoriaeth / Day 4 - Music

Ysgogiad heddiw - Cerddoriaeth / Today’s Prompt - Music

Wnewch map sain newydd - yn cyntaf, creu rhai cylchau concentrig ar bapur….

Dewiswch hoff darn o gerddoriaeth, a mwynhewch… Darluniwch/ Ysgrifennwch ymateb wrth wrando.

Set up a new soundmap by drawing some concentric circles. Choose a favourite piece of music and relish the chance to listen deeply and respond to it, without distractions. Listen for specific instruments, voices, and layers of sound, and record these on your soundmap. Along with colour, size and texture, notice your emotional response to the layers of sound, and record these too. Shown here is Penny’s soundmap of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.

Here is more inspiration for making soundmaps:

Rhannwch eich darluniau ayb efo ‘#mapsain’  @wildnoteswales

Share your pictures etc with the hashtag #mapsain  @wildnoteswales

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