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"You sound like a full-grown fairy and my Mum loves you" 

- fan at the Green Gathering

“that was something else… raw, environmental, pagan gypsy folk"

- Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales on Midwinter Moon (Badger & Ailsa)

“A mighty Brythonic Yoiking …….Speechless”

Sam Robinson on Tinc y Tannau 

Click on the images below to hear and see the final musical storytelling work in 4 parts of my 2020-21 project Soundmapping Our 5 Square Miles, funded by the Arts Council of Wales and The National Lottery Stabilisation Fund. You can also find the project archive on my WILD NOTES BLOG.

                                 a little more storytelling...
  (the well-known & favourite tale of Stone Soup!)

O Dan y Dŵr 

Originally filmed by Rhys Thwaites-Jones as part of The Fairytale of Aberystwyth (Part 1) in collaboration with Peter Stevenson, commissioned by Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival 2021. Audio mixed & mastered by Badger Brown. Title font at beginning by Hannah Engelkamp.

more stories and songs HERE

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