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And there are TWO free workshops coming up this month with the incredible sound naturalist and wildlife photographer Ben Porter and wonderful visual artist Penny Tristam... see poster for details!

You can also check out the events on Facebook, through my pages 'Ailsa Mair Arts' and 'Wild Notes Nodau Gwyllt.'

Meanwhile, see the next posts - in Welsh and English - for some tips for how you can start making your own sound maps right away...

I'll be making one every day until the end of September - going out and listening to the soundscape around my home, Machynlleth and other places in my 5 mile radius (possibly venturing out further unofficially as I visit friends and family in other parts of Wales - where I will, of course, spread the word!).

You are welcomed wholeheartedly to join me in making one or several sound maps!

Please send images / words / recordings to me at if you want them to help inspire a performance I will be doing at the end of the year - or be shared online as part of my 'Soundmapping Our 5 Square Miles' project.

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