MAY 2020 UPDATE: Like so many creative artists at the moment, I had all my 'normal' events cancelled due to the Covid pandemic (whatever normal meant anyway)...

However, creativity plainly does NOT stop at such challenges, in fact, it can be found surging and rising up with the spring!

I'm using this time to hone my tongue as a storyteller, make music videos for my Youtube channel and learn about the wild soundscape from my garden. 

Join my STONE SOUP online storytelling circle (every other Saturday), read my WILD NOTES blog and check out my Youtube channel here:

I've also launched my Patreon page, where you can support my work & receive exclusive creative offerings from my cauldron.  For this, click on the purple heart below...

I wish you all safe & well. Ailsa X X X

Picture by/ Llun gan: Valériane Leblond


Ailsa Mair Hughes is a classically-trained and subsequently-untamed musician who dives beyond boundaries,

since 2009 collaborating professionally as a dynamic cellist/singer/songwriter/composer/improviser

with a colourful array of creative artists including storytellers aerialists,, dancers, film-makers and illustrators. Often working outdoors and site-specifically, she has a passion for the connection between nature and music. She performs in venues bigand small, up trees, on boats , streets and beaches and more…

Check out the individual pages above for info on her current projects...

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"One of the most heart-felt singers i have ever met, Ailsa literally gives me tingles down my spine. Her musical ability is astonishing and transcendental" - Musician, sound healer, Artist Stu Hampton

© 2017 Ailsa Mair Hughes

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