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During the Covid lockdown of Summer 2020, Sianed and Ailsa made this piece using sound archive material as part of the National Library of Wales' 'Unlocking Our Sound Heritage' project.

Here it is!

Our ALBUM is out and available to purchase here:

Tinc y Tannau is a duo formed in 2017 by Sianed Jones and Ailsa Mair Hughes, both singing and playing bass viola da gamba, most often at the same time!

They had their debut gig on 11th March 2017 immersed in the The Fifth Branch / Y Pumed Crainc illustration exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre during the Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival.

The essence of their mission statement is simply  'Beauty and Mischief' and they perform a variety of live improvisations, original compositions and historical music for the viol (with a twist and even, potentially, a shout!).


Check out clips of our first ever gig here:

and keep updated via my 'Events' on this site,  'Tinc y Tannau' on Facebook, or our BRAND NEW WEBSITE 

Favourite quote from audience comments so far ......
"A Mighty Brythonic Yoiking .... Speechless"

To see a fabulous review of our debut performance by writer and fan Sam Robinson 

go to 

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