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Winter Sits First

Wintry blessings to you! I come gladly with the news of a new track...

artwork - Anne Thomas -

It is called Winter Sits First and is fuelled by the grief that has filled me up, turned me upside-down and inside-out over the last couple of years. I mean really. There is definitely more to come (music and grief), but for now, I hope that this simple song (made into some kind of folky rock-out) will move you in some way, helping us trust in the darkness, that it (eventually) emerges into light, and that seeds of wisdom hibernate for a reason…

I released it digitally on bandcamp* at Winter Solstice but it should make it up on Spotify and all those other platforms for re-release on January 13th. I would love it if you could tell your friends and listen on that day so it encourages the little invisible counting pixies on these streaming platforms to make it more findable for others. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works, anyway.

Meanwhile, if you want to get physical, you can order a ***special recycled wood music USB*** I have had crafted with my Fairytale Cellist logo on it - with lotsa music, including this track. See my MERCH on bandcamp.

Finally, I am putting together ideas for a Summer tour, and would welcome your suggestions of lovely, quirky, intimate places to perform gentle acoustic sets for attentive folx...

Diolch a blwyddyn Newydd dda, Ailsa X

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