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Wild Notes offerings…

In the future, I see Wild Notes journeying in the direction of a social enterprise or some other kind of community organisation that aims to engage people through sound and music with the natural environment… For now, I will let it evolve organically with this blog as a base, and and here share the events and activities that I want to offer in its name. First up, the Summer Programme for my MOONCHOIR (‘spontaneous sacred song’ held at new &full moons around Machynlleth, mid-Wales):


• TUNING IN: at NEW MOONS… Setting healing intentions to begin each new cycle Weaving ‘musical spells’ with our voices Playing with different ways of improvising vocally together

O SINGING OUT: at FULL MOONS… Co-creating ‘spontaneous sacred song’ Expanding out our healing intentions Connecting with the land


• Monday 3rd June, 11am-1pm: Machynlleth O Saturday 15th June, 3.30-7.30 (as part of cacao ceremony with Lucy Morus-Baird & Milly Jackdaw): nr. Tre’r Ddol • Tuesday 2nd July, 8-10pm: Machynlleth O Tuesday 16th July, 8-10pm: TBC • Thursday 1st August, 11-1pm: Machynlleth O Thursday 15th August, 8-10pm: TBC • Friday 30th August, 11-1pm: Machynlleth

O Saturday 14th September, 7-9pm: TBC

Sessions held by Ailsa Mair Hughes. All voices are welcome. Contributions for each session suggested £3-7 (except 15th June Moonchoir-Cacao event: for this, follow the link below and Contact Lucy to book). If you have a special drum/rattle, please feel free to bring it! Please contact Ailsa if you intend to come by emailing or asking to join the MOONCHOIR group on Facebook

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