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Soundmapping Collaborators - Lisa Schneidau

It's taken me a while to fully introduce my wonderful collaborators in Soundmapping Our 5 Square Miles.

So, dyma fe...

Introducing Lisa Schneidau, a storyteller from Dartmoor who is giving me some mentoring during the development of my final creative offering in the project:

Lisa Schneidau is a storyteller and environmentalist based on Dartmoor. She seeks out, and shares, traditional stories about the land and our complex relationship with it. Lisa is the author of Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, 2018) and the forthcoming Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, due September 2020). She tells stories at events, nature reserves, arts centres and schools, including performance storytelling, training and storytelling development within education, as well as helping to run South Devon Storytellers and Dartmoor Storytellers. Lisa trained as an ecologist and has worked in British nature conservation for over twenty years, in roles as diverse as farm advisor, lobbyist and conservation director. Find more information about Lisa’s storytelling performances, projects and writing at Lisa captivates her audience, and makes you ponder whether the land always has a tale to be told and a voice to be heard… Beaford Arts on Tangle of the Commons  ….a book of folk tales tailor-made for 21st century environmentalists…. Jini Reddy, Resurgence & Ecologist, reviewing Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland

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