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In Nature’s Spotlight

For a while now, I’ve had in mind this notion of ‘Nature’s Spotlight’ when performing/sharing music – it creates a noticeable shift in me, as though my ego slips away, even just a tiny bit, when my focus is sharing for – and as part of – nature, rather than trying to please a crowd.

For several years now I’ve been most drawn by the call of the magical outdoors and the music of the land, and setting my intention to allow through song and sound which harmonises with this, in some way at least – and sometimes it almost feels like it comes from the soil, from the water, from the trees, from the moss, from the stones, from the wind… Like many other musicians across the world I am finding my truest sense of belonging and purpose and power in communing with the earth through song.

and so…

I’ve finally got round to putting some videos on my personal Youtube channel (Ailsa Mair Arts), of short improvisations and songs recorded in our garden during lockdown. Here’s one i recorded this morning for Beltane/Calan Mai/May Day… I hope you enjoy!

Ailsa x

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