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Fool's Journey /// Taith y FfwL

Midsummer blessings to all!

Here is a taste of an accumulative new work which I am feeling really excited about right now… inTUitive pATHway through the MAJor arCANa of the tARot with cELLo, vOIce and loOp peDal...

*** this is a passionate experiment and these are definitely ’scratch’ recordings - I am very much at the learning stage of using a loop pedal still and am aiming to develop this work into a full album and live show throughout the course of this year - I actually LOVE the rawness of live improvisation, complete with all its imperfections, and I hope you’ll enjoy these tracks and the winding way they take going onwards ***

Your support at this beginning is very welcome! You can listen and buy the tracks to download here on my bandcamp here: -

or alternatively support my new Patreon page 'Ailsa's Cauldron', where I will be uploading subsequent tracks from Fool’s Journey first… Find this here and join me on the journey:

Please spread the word to those you think would enjoy this!

Diolch x X x

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