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Dyddiad 1 / Day 1: Tawel / Quiet

Yn cyntaf, byddwn ni’n dechrau ein ‘Map Sain Cartref’. Darluniwch rhai cylchau concentrig, fel yn y llun. Does dim rhaid i nhw bod yn perffaith!

First, we will set up our “Home Soundmap’ - simply draw some concentric circles as shown in the picture. They don’t need to be perfect!

Wedyn, mae’n amser i ddechrau efo’r ysgodiad cyntaf - Tawel

Then let’s begin with our first prompt - Quiet

Take 2 minutes to be still, close your eyes, and identify the quietest sounds you can hear. Think about whether they have a shape, colour, and size. Think about their location in relation to you at the centre of your circle. Then mark these on your soundmap. Take a look at the soundmap here for inspiration.

Rhannwch eich darluniau ayb ar social media efo ‘#mapsain’ & @wildnotewales Share your pictures etc on social media with the hashtag #mapsain & @wildnoteswales

NEU / OR Ebostiwch / email to:

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