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Dydd 4 - Cân yr Adar / Day 4 - Bird song

Ysgogiad heddiw - Cân yr Adar / Today’s prompt - Bird song.

Rhywle tu allan yn eich 'pum milltir sgwâr', Gwrandewch am ganu adar...

Somewhere outside, within your 5 Square Miles, Listen for birdsong...

Dim ots os dydych chi ddim yn gwybod pa adar sy’n ganu!  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know which bird is singing, but if you do, write its name down too on your drawing!  You can also use words - including made-up ones - to describe what you hear.

Os dydych chi ddim yn galla clywed cân yr adar heddiw, gwrandewch yma:

If you aren't able to hear any birdsong where you are today, listen here for some recordings people all over Wales have been sending in for the project:

Dyma map sain wnes i pan gwrando ar ganu adar ym mis Medi- yn dilyn yr amlinell y sain fel 'graphic score'...

Here is a sound map I made whilst listening to birdsong in September - following the contour of sound like a graphic score...

Here is more inspiration for making soundmaps:

Crane flying over the rocks at Freshwater East

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