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Dydd 3: UCHEL! / Day 3: LOUD!

Ysgogiad heddiw /Today’s Prompt: UCHEL - LOUD.

Cymerwch eich 'map cartref' o Dydd Llun (neu darluniwch rhai cylchau concentrig os rydych chi'n dechrau heddiw)

Take the “Home” soundmap you started on Monday (or draw some concentric circles if you are just starting today.)

TIWNIWCH MEWN. Caewch eich llygaid, os yw hwn yn teimlo'n ddiogel i'w wneud, a theimlo ble mae'ch corff yn cysylltu â'r ddaear islaw.

Gwrandewch... Beth sy'n uchaf?

Take 2 minutes to be still, close your eyes, and identify the LOUDEST sounds you can hear. Think about whether they have a shape, colour, and size. Think about their location in relation to you at the centre of your circle. Do they have movement or texture? Then mark these on your soundmap.

Here is more inspiration for making soundmaps:

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