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Just before Christmas my precious cello broke in a big way – the whole neck came off and it is costing £3000 to repair. The insurance is covering £2000 but I need to find the extra. Cello has been a vital part of my life since the age of 7 (and this one I’ve played since I was 17) and it is my mains means of income but I do not have a spare thousand pounds right now to fix it!

I have now set up a donations button through my website ( and through a Facebook fundraiser ( and will be doing some concerts as part of the campaign, with the help of wonderful -musician and storyteller friends – keep an eye out on my Facebook page/website for details (but heads-up there’s going to bebe a fantastic one in Aberystwyth at Medina’s on April 4th…)

All contributions will be helpful in the deepest of ways… If the fundraiser succeeds and goes beyond this amount, I will use your kind donations to buy a new case too, as the damage done implies that the current, rather battered case wasn’t doing a great job. My cello is currently in hospital in Bristol – I can’t wait to have it back and I have exciting musical opportunities coming up which I need it for, so thank you beyond words to all who choose to help!

Diolch X X X ♥

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