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Birch: the Celtic tree for November

cello and birch, Newtown, Powys (outside Oriel Davies), November 4th 2017:

As I’ve just worked out how to get all the photos I took on my secondhand phone over the last year’s project onto my computer (technology and I were somewhat at odds), I’ve decided to start sharing some of them here.  You may get some of the so-far-unpublished recordings from the first 13 Moons soon as well – but please bear with me while I work out how best to launch this new phase in all its glory! There’s already a recording of part of the improvisation I did under these birch trees on my page at:



Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life, a book and ‘monthly guide for your Soul’s Journey on this beautiful Earth’ by Ian Siddons Heginworth (Spirit’s Rest, 2009)

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