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Vocal exploration workshops run by Ailsa Mair Hughes, aiming to transform, liberate and bring joy!


'Improv-i-sing!' sessions are all about exploring our unique voices and creativity... 

Here we will co-weave spontaneous soundscapes, rediscover our lost and forgotten sounds and extend our vocal possibilities through the medium of fun!  

a bit different every time...

also, there's MOONCHOIR! This began as part of my 13 Moons of Music project (see '13 Moons' page) and involves meeting at full moons in different natural locations to tune in and sing spontaneously and sacredly with the nature outside and in.  Sessions will be recorded and shared as part of the project.  Please contact me if you would like to be part of it...


feedback from participants:

“Ailsa offers playful yet profound guidance towards expressive vocal freedom, carefull listening and heart centred authenticity.  I am grateful to her for inspiring me to sing with the moon, the water, the land; it’s such a beautiful practice!”

"I was scared to attend the singing workshop - I didn't think I could sing, it's not something I would normally go to, but it was a fantastic experience!! I loved learning to let go and explore my voice in a creative and encouraging atmosphere.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

“I've attended Ailsa's improvisation singing workshops and really enjoyed them. I feel they're important as so many people's voices are crushed from an early age and it's a way of exploring voice within a safe space. Ailsa has a lovely way of gently holding the space and encouraging participants.”

“just wanted to say that your voice improv workshops have been great, you make them relaxed interesting and fun, thoroughly enjoyed them, learnt loads and heard some amazing singing. And the moonchoir has been equally inspiring, allowing us to put into practice what we've learnt, and the moonlight shadow song into the shadow of moon was specially, thanks loads and loads”

“I have attended many of Ailsa's workshops, one time stands out in particular, when I had a need to express my sorrow in my heart, and singing it out did that... connecting with the moon, elements and others in song opened my heart and helped heal my pain. Thank you so much for the beautiful offering you gave to me and hope very much to continue attending your workshops in the future.”



‘Sing in, Sing out’

Weekly workshops exploring our natural voices & innate creativity, with aims of:

tuning into inner & outer nature and learning to express it through sound,

concocting spontaneous group soundscapes,

honing deep listening skills,

learning voice techniques through self-discovery,

building confidence in our singing, and

liberating our playful selves!

***No need to consider yourself a ‘singer’ to join, BUT it's equally fantastic if you do! (each and every voice that offers itself should hopefully gain something in return, in whatever wild or wonderful way that comes about...)***


Mondays 6-8pm (til 18th December 2017 - then await further news)

ArtHouse/TyCelf, 1 Laura Place, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AU

£7 pre-booked/£8 on the door

"I got what I came for!" - succinct feedback from a recent participant.

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