MARCH 2020 UPDATE: Like so many creative artists at the moment, I have had all my events cancelled due to the virus crisis, until further notice. 

To any fans out there who feel moved to support me during this challenging time, I give so much gratitude...

If you wish you can now become a 'patron' on my Patreon page, where you'll receive exclusive creative offerings from my 'Cauldron of Regeneration' in return.   Click on the heart below to find out more


I wish you all safe & well. Ailsa X X X

Picture by/ Llun gan: Valériane Leblond


Ailsa Mair Hughes is a classically-trained and subsequently-untamed musician who dives beyond boundaries,

since 2009 collaborating professionally as a dynamic cellist/singer/songwriter/composer/improviser

with a colourful array of creative artists including storytellers aerialists,, dancers, film-makers and illustrators. Often working outdoors and site-specifically, she has a passion for the connection between nature and music. She performs in venues bigand small, up trees, on boats , streets and beaches and more…

Check out the individual pages above for info on her current projects...

 Listen to Ailsa's most recent release HERE:


& check out some more of her sounds at:

(for a selection of field recordings from her project 13 Moons of Music)

"One of the most heart-felt singers i have ever met, Ailsa literally gives me tingles down my spine. Her musical ability is astonishing and transcendental" - Musician, sound healer, Artist Stu Hampton

© 2017 Ailsa Mair Hughes

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