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hi, i'm ailsa mair fox (a.k.a. hughes)

Classically trained and wholly untamed...


Having studied and identified mainly as a cellist from age 7, over the last decade, as well as song-writing, I have found myself falling deep into the realm of Stories, collaborating musically with many other storytellers and more recently doing the storytelling bit myself.  Earlier in 2021 I co-won the Gwobr Esyllt Prize with Deb Winter, to develop my craft as a storyteller.  I thrive as a musical improviser and write songs with the cello, influenced by musical traditions from all over the world, and fuelled by my own intuitive connection with the land in which I roam and live.


I work as much as possible outdoors, having done a lot of site-specific performance all over Britain, including years of touring with aerial circus company Whispering Woods, collaborating with dancer & choreographer Denise Rowe on Dartmoor, various bands and solo and in collaboration with my duo Tinc y Tannau in Wales. I have played with the Royal Shakespeare Company (Cymbeline 2016-17); and on more than one occasion have been employed as a musical mermaid on the shores of Cardigan Bay.


some nice things people have said about my work...


"One of the most heart-felt singers i have ever met, Ailsa literally gives me tingles down my spine. Her musical ability is astonishing and transcendental"

- Musician, sound healer, Artist Stu Hampton

"You sound like a full-grown fairy and my Mum loves you"

- fan at the Green Gathering

"Beautiful Cello Witch"

- fan

Past Collaborations & projects include:

Tinc y Tannau - duo of viol beauty and mischief with Sianed Jones

Whispering Wood Folk - magical family aerial circus/storytelling shows set in the woods:

Ombiviolum - Zimbabwean/Celtic fusion band, Devon:

Dancer & choreographer Denise Rowe - 'She Who Walks'; 'Enter the Circle'

Peter Stevenson (illustrator, storyteller, writer) - MANY shows with this amazing being!

Georgia Ruth (Welsh Music Prize winner) - cello parts on 2020 album 'Mai':

Tingle - cosmic reggae in West Wales:

Mackerel Sky - magical duetting with the extraordinary Pixy Tom

Ayla Schafer - visionary songwriter (inc. EP 'Words and Wolves' )

Joanna Bond -  performance art piece: 'Inseparability of Human and Nature'

Sacred Activists' Sanctuary - Co-holding of this beautiful zone at The Green Gathering Festival

'Pan, Miss Mae, & their Pole of Disarray - with Kitty O'Blitherin a.k.a Cath Rigler as part of Machynlleth Comedy Fest 2019 (funded by Articulture)




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