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Ailsa Mair {sometimes known as The Fairytale Cellist} weaves elemental tapestries from her strings, voice and loop pedal, infused with wild nature, love & magic.  She sings and plays at the same time (cello / viola da gamba or bass viol), sharing original songs and live improvisations from the heart, in Welsh, English and made up languages.

Ailsa has collaborated extensively with many well known artists - musicians, storytellers, dancers, aerialists and illustrators - in performance and in session.  She has also worked extensively in theatre, including with the Royal Shakespeare Company (Cymbeline, 2023 + 2016/17).

Ailsa is a storyteller, and has just performed hers and Deb Winter's newly commissioned show Secrets & Silences at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, after co-winning the Gwobr Esyllt Award from Welsh Women's Storytelling collective Chwedl.

From 2017-2021 Ailsa was one half of Tinc y Tannau, a trailblazing bass viol and voice duo with the late & extraordinary Sianed Jones.  

Their music can be found HERE.

Ailsa has also released several solo EPS of her own songs and is recording more this year.  Find her work HERE.

Please get in touch if you would like to book Ailsa for a solo show or collaboration.


some nice things people have said about my work...


"One of the most heart-felt singers i have ever met, Ailsa literally gives me tingles down my spine. Her musical ability is astonishing and transcendental"

- Musician, sound healer, Artist Stu Hampton

"You sound like a full-grown fairy and my Mum loves you"

- fan at the Green Gathering

"Beautiful Cello Witch"

- fan


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